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Welcome to Youth Saving Democracy with host David Kromelow. This podcast is dedicated to promoting, assisting and empowering youth-led grassroots organizations and the policy agendas and candidates they champion.


Last year, America’s youth marched, mobilized and turned out to the polls in unprecedented numbers. Now, many of them are running for office themselves.

Every office in a democracy counts, and the more youth we have running and/or winning elections, the more likely it is American democracy will be saved.


After the 2016 election, some in the media were suggesting the imminent death of American democracy. But the young people in America had other ideas. Not only did they turn out in unprecedented numbers for the 2018 midterm elections; they have also emerged at the forefront of what is arguably the largest grassroots movement for change since the 1960’s.


With gun control, climate change, social justice, and many other issues on their minds, America’s youth are reinvigorating our democracy and inspiring us all to take action ourselves. And we all have a moral obligation to help them as the movement they’ve built continues.